After the bets are done on the Betting table - template meeting, the designer's role comes into the process to do the pixel-perfect job in the boundaries and appetite the shapers have set during the Shaping - template.


During the 2-week period after the Shaping - template, designers need to go through all the picked shapes and prepare designs solutions for the Development - template part.

Design part takes place every 8-weeks after the 4-week Shaping - template cycle and it's 2-weeks long.

<aside> ❗ After the design part, there is still room to polish the design because there is a Cool-down - template phase for the developers so in theory the design team have 4-weeks in total to deliver the final solution.


How we do it

  1. We pick shaped ideas at the Betting table - template meeting and assign responsible teams.
  2. The designers will prepare design solution for all the shapes within the 2-weeks.
  3. At the end of the design part, the designs should be ready for the developments teams.

NOTE: The main reason why we having the design phase in advance is due to limited design capacity on our team

<aside> 🔥 Not everything needs to be pixel-perfect, designers and developers should work closely in the Development - template cycle


Read more in the Principles section in which all phases are explained in fine detail.